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About us


We are a, non-profit, non-governmental, youth-led civil society organization  working for peace and environmental conservation with head quarter in Bamenda Cameroon. We put compassion into action through our community engagement activities

In 2016, a civil war broke out in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Till date, youths are kidnapped or killed without arbitrary process and deprived access to education.  In addition to gun violence, there are many community problems like high crime wave, poverty, unemployment, and others. The social media is used by parties to the conflict to propagate hate speech and radicalize youths to pick up arms and fight the regular military with a vision of creating a breakout state.

In 2022, Nduku Louis Tebi, secured a scholarship to study social visionary work in Kanthari, India. Following research, he observed that youth radicalization and social unrest is affecting 20 countries across Africa with youths at the Centre of violence. In response, he created Xhuma Africa with the vision of inspiring youths from across Africa to lead peace processes and promote environmental conservation.


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