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Collaborate with us to promote peace and environmental Preservation

What is peacebuilding

Peacebuilding involves addressing the root causes of conflict while also supporting societies to manage their differences and conflicts without resorting to violence

Peace education

peace education activities aim to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for preventing conflicts, resolving disputes peacefully, or fostering social conditions conducive to peace

Project Updates

 hate speech on social media contributes to violence escalation in African conflicts; thus, we are implementing a project to train trainers at the University of Bamenda in countering hate speech amid the Anglophone crisis challenges.

World clean-up day 2023, Xhuma Africa Volunteers removing bottles from a stream in Bamenda
Story Telling Session with children under a tree in Mbengwi
Eco-walk family picture by Peace Weavers
About us

The Word Xhuma comes from the Zulu Language which means to connect. Xhuma Africa therefore means Connect Africa. Xhuma Africa is a youth-led, youth centered and youth focused not-for-profit association of young people who have experienced first-hand the damaging consequences of armed violence in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and decided to take action and contribute to peacebuilding and environmental preservation with head quarter in Bamenda Cameroon. We put compassion into action through our community engagement activities

In 2017, a civil war broke out in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Till date, youths are kidnapped ….


We train youths to promote peace, volunteerism, environmental conservation and civic engagement in an atmosphere of tolerance, shared values and mutual understanding


We envision a connected African Society where young people are inspired to cooperate and take action in creating peace promoting environmental conservation


The Transformative Journey of Xhuma Africa's Founder"

The founder of Xhuma Africa, born into an average African family with ten siblings, faced a life-changing event when kidnapped by rebels for attending school during the Anglophone conflict in Cameroon. Despite overcoming the trauma, he transitioned into teaching, experienced the harsh conditions of the Sahara Desert, and realized the interconnection between climate change and conflict, inspiring his mission to unite the fight for peace and environmental protection through Xhuma Africa.


Picture of bottles selected from a river on world environment day 2023 in Bamenda
World Cleanup Day
under the theme “Let’s Do it World”. It is considered a day of action to clean the environment and keep our surroundings clean. It is also a day to fight against the Global Waste Crisis.
Inline with the theme of World Environment 2023 which focused on Solutions to plastic pollution, Xhuma Africa collaborated with a consortium of civil society organizations to pick out plastic bottles from the bridge around Mulang, Bamenda Cameroon for recycling.
Family Picture of Peace Weavers
training of peace weavers
An important aspect of our curriculum for the training of peace weavers includes sessions on ecological peace, ecological justice and proper waste management.
Considering the fact that we seek to effect change from within and instill in our participants values of servant leadership, we visit streets of Bamenda cleaning the city while advocating for proper sanitation within our community. Our objective is simple, Cameroon must be clean.
Family Picture of Peace Weavers during soap production life skill acquisition
Soap Production

UN Security Council Resolution 2250 urges global youth involvement in peace processes, emphasizing disengagement from violence; Xhuma Africa collaborates with Ndobe Stel Foundation and Better WORLD Charity to train 30 youths in soap production.Participants are expected to use this skills to meet their basic sanitation needs at home and in the long term run income generating activities with the skills acquire.

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Quotes/wise sayings by our beneficiaries

50 youths between the ages 17 to 35 who started their training as Peace Weavers in October 2023 have created some wise sayings, quotes and advocacy messages for peace. Go through these messages and join these eco-conscious, ethical and morally up right leaders in the making as they drive their advocacy plan through based on their life experiences surviving the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon.


Report on our activities

Our Newsletters

Xhuma Africa is an association of young people who have experienced violence and decided to take action and contribute to peace building and environmental preservation


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