Our Values

XHUMA AFRICA upholds the following values;

  • Compassion: Concern for the sufferings or misfortunes our beneficiaries are facing due to structural violence or civil war.
  • Empathy: As a survivor of war I seek to understand the feelings of my beneficiaries and make them see the positive outcomes of their resilience haven’t survived armed or physical violence.
  • Critical thinking: I will accompany learners to question, analyse, interpret, and evaluate conflicts from different perspectives, positions and points of need before seeking a way forward. Together we will not just accept what we are told for the truth; rather we will ask questions to get to the root of the problems we want to solve.
  • Relevance: We promote experiential learning that meets our needs and will support our work in future.
  • Flexibility: We do not confine learning in a classroom setting or a particular time. We open up and facilitate learning at multiple places, spaces and time meeting the needs of our beneficiaries
  • Resilience: We facilitate quick recovery from traumatic experiences of war. This is through trauma healing sessions that contribute in healing the wounds of the heart.
  • Justice: we have concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people.
  • Connecting the dots: We Link-up African youths for collaboration in solving common problems beyond national boundaries. What unites us as Africans is more than what divides us. Hence we research together and adopt practical approaches in solving problems affecting us.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy consist of the following;

  • Youths are potential peace builders: We belief that the perception the society has about youths being the problem in conflicts can be reversed. Despite the fact that youths are radicalised and used as combatants, child soldiers and rebels in armed conflicts, youths are also potential peace builders.
  • Compassion in action: We spread love and connect to the environment, nature, animals and humans by giving and not just by always taking from Mother Nature.
  • Nature will only fail mankind if we fail nature: It is our duty to promote environmental conservation and produce a sustainable environment.