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Training of Peace Weavers in UBa

With Funding from defy-hate, youths are trained on best practices in combating hate speech in the University of Bamenda

Adamu Bahiru facilitating session on fact checking

Peace weavers take the lead in combating hate speech online and offline. They need to research viral news online to differentiate fake news from credible information. In addition, they should create awareness about misinformation and impersonation online

Delegate of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education Tubah facilitating a session on civic responsibility

As young people, we have the responsibility to contribute to the well-being of society so as to exercise our rights, duties and responsibilities. Combating hate speech means working for peaceful coexistence which contributes to societal peace.

Family picture of peace weavers and facilitators

They have been equipped with skills in combating hate speech online and offline. In addition, each participant received financial support to run a pass it on activity training 5-10 youths. This will qualify them for the next phase of our training

Spread the spice store exhibition 2022 of Xhuma Africa in India Hosted by Kanthari. We organized a capacity building workshop on conflict transformation reaching out to 18 participants

Xhuma Africa volunteers for Spread the Spice exhibition  2022

Family Picture of Kanthari participants 2022 at Spread the spice

Founder of Xhuma Africa, Nduku Louis Tebi  at spread the spice exhibition

Volunteering to support access to portable water for children in the North Region of Cameroon. Water is a basic need to support life.

Volunteers with Xhuma Africa take active part in the British standard debate competition between Universities and NGOs and emerge successful with medals

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